Monday, August 18, 2014

Tigger 2.0

Baby Mermaid has a tic that we call Tigger 2.0. Tigger 2.0 is a full body tic that looks a lot like a seizure. It caused her to knock out a tooth. When we moved into our new house, Baby Mermaid was so excited because she could use her bed again. We had been in a small rental for a while and she had been in bunk beds. So when she came to me and told me that she wanted to sell her bed, I told her that was fine, but I keep exploring the reasons why. eventualy she told me she was scared that she was going to get hurt.

 as tyou can see in the picture, her bed has lots of places to bang and hit when she tics. I told her she could easily sell her bed, but if she wanted to keep it that she should because we dont let Tourette stop us from the things that we love. So we put her bed up, and came up with some strategys to keep her safe. extra pillows, laying certain ways. One day she came in to my room, just a little mad because she had tic-ed and it had knocked out one of her baby teeth. I held her and laughed and cried with her. but guess what! she still has that princess bed, she loves it.
But this causes her a lot of pain. as you can imagine. She only does it when she lays down so going to sleep is especialy hard.
One day I was driving my car and she was in the backseat, I was driving down the freeway and my car started jerking like I was running out of gas. I looked in the rear view mirror and she was back there ticing away. My car was fine, Her tic just had so much power that it was rocking the car.

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