Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monkey Mans Tourette

Today Monkey Man brought home a typing assignment from school. It brought a tear to my eye, and I thought I would share

Hello, My name is_____ I have Tourette Syndrome. It causes me to tic, (not the bug.) A tic is a movement or sound that I can't control. Tourette Syndrome is genetic. It is passed down form your parents. At school sometimes a teacher or a student gets mad at me for my tics, but I found that it is good to educate than to get mad at them. My dad and my two sisters all have tourette syndrome. I am super glad that almost everybody I know understands Tourette Syndrome and will help me if somebody gets mad at me. This doesn't mean I do not like to do stuff that most people do it just means that I sometimes have to tic.