Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Small Victories!

So yesterday we had a small victory! It seems small and unimportant, but I…. on with my story before my tears start again. Baby Mermaid won the quiet game! I know I didn’t even think about the quiet game when she got diagnosed. It seems so inconsequential, but to a 9 year old its everything! With her tic’s being crazy high the last couple of days, (thanksgiving was a dinner and coughing!) I asked her how she controlled her tic’s. She told me that in her class at school they have made a new rule! The only sounds that you can make are breathing and coughing! Even now as I think of this awesome teacher (who in my opinion should get teacher of the year!) and her love for my child, who understands the importance of small happinesses. So any way, life goes on. Things will be o.k. but for now, Things are great!