Friday, August 22, 2014

Ticing in the backseat!

On the way to school this week, My little Tourette kids totally cracked me up and I thought I would share one of the fun things about Tourette. So in my last post I told you about Baby Mermaids Tigger 2.0. Well Monkey man also has a full body jerk, its not quite as intense as Baby Mermaids Tigger, but it happens all the time. not just laying down like the Tigger. Also every Touretter at our house curently has an eye blinking tic. Well I talked about how some times see tics remind you of tics.(like doing someone elses tic)  Well the kids in the back seat started laughing and I looked back and one of them would tic which would cause the other one to tic, wich would start the whole cycle over again, so we jerked and blinked the whole way to school with a lot of laughter. I wished that I wasnt driving so I could have got a video. It just reminded me of my whole "enjoy the journey." Sometimes things are hard and lets be honest some times it sucks. but most time when you look at the little things you can find joy! well I am off to enjoy!

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