Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tourette and Church. need I say more

So, Since I have only had 6 posts up to this point, and our tourette life goes back 4 years, you are missing a lot of info! Baby Mermaid was our first Diagnosed child with Tourette. Then Brian, My DH was self diagnosed. Which, in our tourette circles means that he has all the requirements for a tourette diagnosis, but why bother...(he is an old man). Then our sweet Monkey Man was diagnosed, We are LUCKY with Baby Mermaid because she just has Tourette, none of the comorbid disorders that go along with it. Monkey Man has the Tri-taverate of Tourettes, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, He also has been diagnosed with executive Dysfunction. Then we were blindsided with a Diagnosis for Book Worm. wow! that is a lot of info in one paragraph!
Needless to say we have been doing a lot of Tourette. Its kind of a big deal at our house where 4 of the 6 have tics. I Have a friend through the Tourette Syndrome association named Whitney Fits-Flygare. She says if you have seen one kid with Tourette, you have seen one kid with Tourette. Meaning that Tourette looks different in everyone, and everyone needs different things when it comes to tourettes. Baby Mermaid has lots of physical tic's and needs very little advocation on my part. She is really good at explaining and people not having a problem with it. Yes some times she runs into problems, but she knows that I am in her corner. all she has to do is give a yell and I come running. Monkey Man is way more vocal in his tic's. He is still having a hard time standing up and explaining, and we have run into the problem of people not believing him. Our new ward (congregation) Is really great. but its always changing. Today in the middle of announcements he dropped the dirk...
Now this was exciting because we had a lot of visitors there! and lots of them didn't even know that he has Tourette, let alone why this kid is singing out in the middle of church! I would love to end this story with I just sat there and smiled and totally supported my kid. But lets get real, its loud! It echoed through out the chapel, People looked, I turned red. But I think its O.K. My kid didn't see my face, my kid just saw my fist come up for a fist bump and I put my arm around him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I love this kid! and I hope he felt that, and I hope he knows how much I respect him for being true to himself!

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