Friday, July 11, 2014

A new start

When I started this blog I wanted to share with everyone my struggles as a parent with a child with Tourette. Man that is a mouth full. I know when we first got diagnosed, I goggled Tourettes and all I got was scary stuff of how my life was ultimately going to suck, and change, and be hard. I cried a bunch. Lets admit it thats a perfectly good response. I'm not a bad mom for that reaction. Even though at the time it felt wrong. but everyone goes through a mourning period for the change in your kids life. But as life went on and things got better I thought. I have a great Idea! I will have a blog that shows how life is hard, but fun, and manageable with all this Tourette fun! SO I started the blog with great intentions of posting our everyday triumphs, challenges, heartache, all that everyday stuff. but it all felt so mundane and I felt so inadequate in telling my story. but lately I have been thinking that that is exactly why I started this blog. The story of an inadequate mom, telling her story, which isn't big and exciting, just an real life account of one family's boring everyday life with Tourette. so if you will stick with me, and my just everyday mom-ness. We can enjoy the journey together!

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