Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a little struggle!

K I just have to rant and ask for advice! One of Baby Mermaids tics is coughing. When we were first diagnosed with Tourettes I was relived that we had such easy tics and really they are, I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I am really thankful for the smallness of our tics.

However, I have noticed that when we go out to big events, especially if food is being served I start getting the “How could you bring your daughter to this party and let her cough on everything when she is soooo sick” We stress to her the importance of covering her mouth, but still people get visibly upset, I even had an adult cough back at her in her face! I was so upset but I didn’t say anything there because I knew the lady quite well and I would have never wanted to embarrass her in public, but then on the same had do I want my daughter to be embarrassed? Any advice would be great for me to know what to do!

Also on the same note I had some really cute shirts made up and she LOVES them! the first one is…

The second one is more to do with the coughing! Its a line from Pride and Prejudice! My favorite Jane Austin movie/book! but its not quite done yet so I will post pictures when it comes! by the way, give credit where credit is due! I got these cute shirts from Stitcheroos! Adrienne is great and works really hard to get you just what you need! She ROCKS!!!




  1. Heather, I am so sorry that you have this struggle. I have a friend who's daughter has Ausbergers and is high functioning autistic. Needless to say, she does and says things that aren't socially the norm. My friend as her mom has had a struggle not to 'hate' insensitive people that say rude things to her daughter. Some days are better then others, but she tries to ignore how insensitive people are. If it is someone that is going to continually cross paths with her daughter, she'll take them aside and explain why her daughter acts as she does. If it is a random stranger she tries to let it go, but I've been there with her on occasion and sometimes I couldn't let it go. I know you'll do the best thing for your sweet girl. Love ya!

  2. I LOVE the way you are dealing with this! Having her explain to the class what was going on was brilliant. Making her feel as "normal" as possible is the most important thing to do. Most people will treat her the same. No matter where you go, there are always those that don't want to understand and will be insensitive.
    I'm been remembering when Meisha's Achromatopsia (colorblindness) was confirmed. It was shortly after school started. Forrest and I drove to Manti to a friend's wedding and it was fall with all the gorgeous colors. That's when it hit me really hard. Meisha will never see this beauty!
    We decided to treat her just like everyone else as much as possible and didn't dwell on her handicap. She had great friends and teachers (except at Larsen)all through school. I'm just finding out some of the problems she dealt with in high school that I was unaware of. Like becoming nocturnal and sleeping during classes. Her grades certainly didn't reflect any of that.
    Hopefully, things will still be smooth for Baby Mermaid during those teenage years. Be prepared!

    LOVE the t-shirt idea!

    With your family's sense of humor, you can make it through anything!